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Where Does She Go | 2019 | 5 min. | color super 16mm

Director: Huilan Xu

Screenwriter: Huilan Xu

Director of Photography: Grace George

Assistant Camera: Akesh Petal

Producer: James Giordano

On-set Producer: Abigail Hauptman

Assistant Director: Qiuyang Chen

Grip: Olivia Simon

Production Assistant: Maggie Sullivan

Gaffer: Vanessa Scarpellia

Sound Recordist: Rebeka Kashkin

Production Design: Qiuyang Chen

Set Photographer: Sam Resetarits 

Editor: Huilan Xu

Sound Design: James Giordano


Catherine Weidner

Emily Mesa

Kaitlyn Jackson




After learning of her sister’s death, a girl struggles to come to terms with the loss.


Where Does She Go addresses death and its relation to the living through an incidence of a girl’s mysterious demise and her younger sister’s coming to term with it. Struggling to let go, the younger girl wonders where her sister has gone. Through a journey of dreams and nightmares, she seeks the truth of mortality.

Director's Statement:

All the dreams are adapted from the dreams I actually had over the past year after my grandmother passed away. It was a real struggle to be at peace with it and Where Does She Go is the second film I have made because of her after Looking Out (2018). It is the beauty, the ambiguity, and the power of life and truth in death that motivated this film, and I am grateful of sharing this journey with all my 

audiences. And finally: If love has to leave, don’t ask why it does; and if love must go, don’t ask where it will be. 


This project is partially funded by Ithaca College Roy H. Park School of Communications

James B. Pendleton Student Research and Production Grant

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